About HealthRight Products - Wellness Products Portland

Founded in 2009, HealthRight Products, a privately held company,
focuses on several key categories: vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter
applications in various forms and unique delivery systems. 

One of our niches is our on-the-go packs which encompass many of our
assortments. These are targeted to position people with busy lifestyles who
want more accessibility and convenience. In this segment, we offer supplement
gummies in resealable single packs with weekly count sizes, and various ointment
sticks designed for personal usage. This is especially convenient for people in
the senior-aged demographic who want ease of use and application. All our
products are also available in multi-packs where we offer multiple single packs
of one or more different products. This format delivers great quality and
reasonable values and targets several trade classes from off channels (dollar,
sports, medical) to convenience and travel, to mainline conventional FDM, in
the multi-packs.

HRP has its own IPs and trademarks across 5 brands. We have partnered with
other companies with certain IPs and technologies HRP can take to the forefront
of innovation with some very cool delivery systems.