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Breathe Clear Nasal Inhaler

Breathe Clear Nasal Inhaler

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Why do you need Breathe Clear Nasal Inhaler?

Made with the following ingredients: menthol, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, cajeput oil, eucalyptus oil.

  • 500 MG. twist tube for convenience.

  • Fast relief from nasal congestion.

  • Easy to use and effectively targets the affected area, breaks up congestion and reduce coughing.

  • Provides a better night’s sleep.

  • Perfect for home, work or travel.

Are Breathe Clear Nasal Inhalers Safe to Use?

Yes, since our nasal inhalers are drug-free, you are able to use them more frequently and don't need to worry about long-term affects on your body, you may end up building up a habit, but you can use anytime you need to relieve temporary congestion caused by a cold or seasonal allergies. 


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